A new book by renowned artist


A retrospective of the life's work of this artist, spanning 6 decades.

This long awaited book is a “must have” for all collectors and followers of Ray’s work. A 132 page, 8 1/2” x 11” clothbound, hardcover coffee table book containing 132 beautiful reproductions, 126 in rich, full color. This magnificent book is a real collector’s item and was produced using only the best materials and printing technology.

Ray’s comments throughout the book give the reader insight into the thoughts of the artist and his feelings about the world around him.You will see his artistic progression from some of the earliest pencil drawings to the present watercolors and acrylics.

MY WORLD, THE PAINTINGS OF RAY HENDERSHOT, is an exceptionally high quality book. Each page is printed on 115# Gallerie Silk paper, and all images are oversprayed with a spot gloss varnish coating that not only protects them but seemingly makes them “jump off” the page. It is printed in very high resolution to assure that each image is reproduced as vividly as possible. It is case bound in a high quality Arrestox cloth over thick 3mm boards. There is a printed, gloss laminate dust jacket as you see in the illustration above. Every detail of this book shouts QUALITY.

Ray’s paintings have been much sought after for many years. Now, you can own a compilation of some of his best efforts in this volume. The book may be purchased at the web sites listed below.

To purchase a copy of "MY WORLD" by Ray Hendershot, use the links below

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    "In fear of overworking a painting, many learning artists tend to stop too soon, neglecting those extra little touches that can elevate an acceptable watercolor painting to the level of an outstanding watercolor painting.  Those initial broad, fluid washes are still necessary as a base, but it is the textures worked into them that give the work its depth and life." - Ray Hendershot (book jacket)

(This book is no longer available)