Welcome to My World

MY WORLD is of a simpler life in a simpler time, far removed from the difficulties and complications of today. It speaks of values and dedication to a life of honest, wholesome living.

I do not paint to make a political statement or to generate awareness of the many problems that face us today. I find this approach to art to be disheartening and depressing. I choose to see the world as a place of beauty that makes people feel good about themselves and about those things that touch their everyday lives.

To some, MY WORLD exists only as a memory of the past, perhaps a place where you were born and raised and had spent many wonderful hours as a youngster. To others, it is a place that you once visited that made you feel good and refreshed. Or, maybe it is a place that exists solely in your mind, one of relaxation, that creates an escape from everyday tensions.

Fortunately, for all of us, MY WORLD still exists for anyone who wishes to seek it out. I hope that what you see here today will invoke an emotional response. Whether it is positive or negative, it is still a response. And that is what art is all about.

Thank you for visiting my Web site and I hope that your day is a bit better for doing so.

- Ray Hendershot AWS, NWS

A retrospective of the life's work
of Ray Hendershot